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0.96 inch IPS TFT LCD SPI serial port HD 80×160

Superior display quality,full viewing angle,super wide viewing angle and easily controlled by MCU such as 8051, PIC, AVR, ARDUINO,ARM and Raspberry PI


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0.96 inch IPS TFT LCD SPI serial port HD 80×160 is a general IPS screen, with an embedded controller, communicating via the SPI interface.

Examples are provided for testing. Examples are compatible with Raspberry Pi (bcm2835, wiringPi and python), STM32 and Arduino.

The ST7735S is a controller for 162 x RGB x132 LCD. Note that the resolution of this LCD module is 160(H)RGBx80(V) indeed.

ST7735S supports RGB444, RGB565 and RGB666 three formats. In this LCD module.

Because that the first pixel of the LCD is different from the origin point of the controller, therefore, we should offset the position when initializing the module:

Horizontal: begin from the second pixel; Vertical: begin from the 27th pixel. Make sure that the display position of the LCD is the same as RAM.

For most of the LCD controller, there are several interfaces for choosing, this module we use the SPI interface which is fast and simple.

How to control the backlight?

You can use the function LCD_SetBacklight() to control the backlight

Why the LCD is black when working with Raspberry Pi

a) Check if SPI interface was enabled
b) Check if the BL pin work normally, if the pin has no output, please try to disconnect the BL control pin

What does it happen if using Raspberry Pi improperly?

If you run python or bcm2835 examples after wiring, the LCD may not work
normally, please try to restart Raspberry Pi can try again.

How to rotate the display?

-You can use the function Paint_SetRotate(Rotate) to rotate the display. Rotate should
be 0, 90, 180 or 270. -Python can call rotate(Rotate) function for any angle.

Python Image library

For some of the OS, you should execute a command to install python-imaging
library: Sudo apt-get install python-imaging


0.96 inch IPS TFT LCD SPI serial port HD 80×160

  • SIZE 0.96inch
  • Display Mode Normally black IPS
  • Display Format Graphic 80 RGB x 160 Dot-matrix
  • Input Data SPI interface
  • Drive IC ST7735S
  • Dimensional outline 24(W)x30 (H)x2.8+/-0.1(T)mm
  • Resolution 80RGBx160 Dots
  • LCD Active area 10.8 (W)x21.7 (H)
  • Dot pitch 0.135(H) x 0.1356(V) mm
  • Viewing Direction All View
  • Operating Temperature -20~70°C
Pin Descriptions:
  • PIN No Symbol Description
  • 1 GND Ground
  • 2 VCC Power 3.3V
  • 3 SCL Serial clock pin.
  • 4 SDA Serial data input
  • 5 RES LCM Reset pin. This pin is reset signal input. When the pin is low, the initialization of the chip is executed. Keep this pin pull high during normal operation.
  • 6 DC Data/Command Control
  • 7 CS Chip Select
  • 8 BLK Backlight control pin


Tutorial – Using the 0.96″ 80 x 160 Full Color IPS LCD Module with Arduino

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0.96 inch IPS TFT LCD SPI serial port HD 80×160

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