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1.5m Solder Wick Desoldering Braid

The Desoldering Braid is designed to remove excess solder from joins. What’s more to use simply heat the wick up slightly and place it across the joint. This will remove any excess solder and neaten up the connection.


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To use a solder wick, simply place the end of the wick over the solder you want to remove and then place your heated solder tip over it. The braid heats up and encourages the solder to “wick” into it. When it starts to work, you will actually be able to see the solder being pulled up into the solder wick.

As soon as the solder starts to liquify, count to two and then remove the soldering iron and lift away the braid by gripping its container (and not the exposed metal braid). The metal is hot, so be careful!

You should see, on the braid, a shiny solder blob. If all went well, the blob of solder on the circuit board is now gone and you can see the freed pin that you have successfully desoldered.

If all of the solders has not been removed and the pin is still attached to the circuit board, simply repeat the process until the pin is free from the solder.

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Ardunio from Wikipedia


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1.5m Solder Wick Desoldering Braid

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