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18650 Lithium Battery Shield

The installation of electronic modules requires basic knowledge and requires a certain electronic professional foundation and hands-on ability. Please purchase carefully!
This product does not include 18650 batteries


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18650 Lithium Battery Shield module can be used to power both Arduino or Raspberry Pi and sensors.The output current of this mode can reach 2A, which can supply power to many control boards.

We stock 3 Types  18650  1, 2 and 4 Cells


  • LED indicator(Green means full, Red means charging).
  • This module is a portable mobile power supply that supports 3V / 1A and 5V / 2.2A two voltage outputs!
  • This mobile power supply has a built-in lithium battery protection IC, which has overcurrent, overvoltage, under voltage, etc.
  • 5V voltage output rated current is 2.2A, maximum support 3A current (not recommended for overload, easy to damage the module, speed up the service life), the output of current depends on the quality of the 18650 battery!
  • 4 level LED lights show power, the default boot is always in working state, you need to manually shut down (if necessary, change to non-working state automatic shutdown mode, just cut off the middle line of the “NC” bit or remove the”ROUT” resistor).


  • The output of current depends on the quality of the 18650 battery!
  • This board cannot charge mobile phones because there is no docking agreement.
  • Please charge and activate before using this board, otherwise it can not be used normally.
  • The installation of the battery must be determined positive and negative, the board has been clearly marked positive and negative! Or Installation errors will burn out the module!
  • The battery voltage works normally from 3.2V to 4.2V. Do not connect the batteries in series.The voltage in series will increase.If the battery capacity needs to be increased in parallel, do not connect in series.


  • During the using, please do not pull out the battery directly when the module is not turned off,
  • Otherwise the module will open the protection function, and the phenomenon that the battery cannot be turned on when the battery is installed again,
  • At this time, the battery needs to be installed and charged to solve it.
  • When you need to unplug the battery, shut down the module first and then unplug the battery(Press and hold the button to shut down).
  • The installation of the battery must be determined positive and negative, the board has been clearly marked positive and negative! Installation errors will burn out the module!
  • The module has a power saving function, the indicator light will turn off after turning on for only about three seconds!
  • But it is still in a state of output work.
  • If you need to shut down, please manually press and hold for about two seconds until the LED light is off.
  • Charging Input: 5V/500mA typical via Micro USB port
  • Supports 3V 1A voltage outputs.
  • Supports 5V 2.2A voltage outputs.
  • 2 output ports, which is convenient for customer needs and use.Greatly reduces the problem of fewer ports.
  • Output port: USB or expansion port.
  • Output parameter 5V / 3A or 3.3V / 1A.
  • Conversion efficiency up to 95% (high conversion rate).
  • 1.8A charge, 3A discharge, highly integrated mobile power IC.
  • Input port: MICROUSB (Android port) type, wide voltage, up to 6.5V input.
  • Input port: USB  type,C wide voltage, up to 6.5V input ( Note No USB C on 1 Cell Model)
  • V3  – 1 x 18650 Battery
  • Size: 9.8×2.9cm x 2.1
  • 3V output port x3
  • 5V output port x3
  • V8  – 2 x 18650 Battery
  • Size: 9.8×4.8cm x 2.1
  • 3V output port x5
  • 5V output port x5
  • V9  – 4 x 18650 Battery
  •  Size  9.9 x 9.64 x 2.1
  • 3V output port x4
  • 5V output port x4
Resources: electro schematics

18650 Lithium Battery Shield

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