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3AG 250V Fuses Fast Blow

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Different sorts of 3AG 6 x 32mm 250V Fuses Provides individual protection for components or internal circuits. – Power supplies – Battery charger

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Available in 3AG 250V Fuses Fast Blow

  • TS-C062 – 250mA 6 x 32 (3AG) 250V Fuse
  • TS-C063 – 500mA 6 x 32 (3AG) 250V Fuse
  • TS-C064 – 1Amp 6 x 32 (3AG) 250V Fuse
  • TS-C065 – 2Amp 6 x 32 (3AG) 250V Fuse

Glass tube body cartridge fuse designed, approved and complied with UL and CSA standard 248-14.

Packages and materials

  • Fuses come in a vast array of sizes and styles to serve in many applications, manufactured in standardised package layouts to make them easily interchangeable.
  • Fuse bodies may be made of ceramic, glass, plastic, fibreglass, moulded mica laminates, or moulded compressed fibre depending on the application and voltage class.
  • Cartridge (ferrule) fuses have a cylindrical body terminated with metal end caps.
  • Blade type fuses often require the use of a special purpose extractor tool to remove them from the fuse holder.
  • Renewable fuses have replaceable fuse elements, allowing the fuse body and terminals to be reused if not damaged after a fuse operation.
  • Fuses designed for soldering to a printed circuit board have radial or axial wire leads.
  • High-voltage fuses of the expulsion type have fibre or glass-reinforced plastic tubes and an open end and can have the fuse element replaced.
  • While glass fuses have the advantage of a fuse element visible for inspection purposes, they have a low breaking capacity (interrupting rating), which generally restricts them to applications of 15 A or less at 250 VAC.
  • Ceramic fuses have the advantage of a higher breaking capacity, facilitating their use in circuits with higher current and voltage.
  • Filling a fused body with sand provides additional cooling of the arc and increases the breaking capacity of the fuse. Medium – voltage fuses may have liquid-filled envelopes to assist in the extinguishing of the arc. Some types of distribution switchgear use fuse-links immersed in the oil that fills the equipment.

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1A, 250mA, 2A, 500mA

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