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Brass hexagonal standoffs – Spacers 200Pcs

200Pcs kit provides you different types of standoffs with screws and nuts which are most commonly used in projects, Suitable for all kinds of circuit boards, sensors, mechanical support of the installation


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This Brass hexagonal standoff – Spacers 200Pcs kit provides you with different types of standoffs with screws and nuts. A standoff is a fastener used to create space between two objects, often to properly position them. In the world of electronic components and electronic hardware, standoffs are typically used to space circuit boards, panels, doors or gears. Female-Female, Female-Male standoffs of different sizes, screws and nuts are all included in this set.

Kit Contents:
  • M3
  • 5 + 6mm  Brass  hexagonal standoffs (10 units)
  • 8 + 6mm   hexagonal standoffs (10 units)
  • 10 + 6mm   hexagonal standoffs (10 units)
  • 12 + 6mm   hexagonal standoffs (10 units)
  •  5 hexagonal spacer (10 units)
  •  8 hexagonal spacer (10 units)
  • 10 hexagonal spacer (10 units)
  • 12 hexagonal spacer (10 units)
  •  6 Steel screws (60 units)
  • M3 Steel nuts  (60 units)

Development  Resources: demo codes, schematics, datasheets, etc

 wiki    Spacers and standoffs


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Brass hexagonal standoffs – Spacers 200Pcs

SKU: TS-K008 Category:


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