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GPIO32 Expander Board

The GPIO32 Expander Board is an IO24 accessory board that allows up to 32 I/O pins to be controlled through a single Port connection on Tempero Systems IO24 Controller Range. Can be controlled by any module that has an SPI Communications function.


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The GPIO32 Expander Board is an accessory board that allows the implementation of an additional 32 GPIO (General Purpose Input /Output) you can control from a single port on the existing I/O 24 Range. The Tempero I/O 24 Range consists of Ether I/O 24 R, Ether I/O 24 DIP R, USB I/O 24 R.

The board consists of two MCP23S17 GPIO expanders, split up into four 8 bit Ports (2 Ports per MCP23S17).

The  GPIO32 Expander Board can be controlled by any module that has an SPI Communications function.

  • 2 x MCP23S17 GPIO expander IC’s
  • 4 x I/O ports matching configuration of I/O 24 Port.
  • Hardware addressable pins for each SPI device
  • 72mm Standard width for DIN Rail Modules
  • Compact measurements 40 x 72 x 11mm ( DIN Rail mountable with adaptor)
  • The voltage on VDD concerning VSS.:  ‐0.3V to +5.5V
  • The voltage on all other pins concerning VSS:  ‐0.6V to VDD +0.6V
  • Storage temperature .: ‐65°C to +150°C
  • Ambient temperature with power applied: ‐40°C to +125°C
  • Total Power dissipation : 700mW
  • Maximum Current out of
  • VSS pin: 150mA
  • into VDD pin: 125mA
  • Maximum output current
  • sunk by any output pin: 25mA
  • sourced by any output pin.: 25mA


NOTE: When connecting this device to the USB I/O 24 as you may exceed the maximum current draw allowed via the USB specifications.


Development  Resources:

Control  IC: MCP23S17


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GPIO32 Expander Board

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