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HC-SR501 A Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Detector

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Automatic lighting hallways, corridors, bathrooms, basements, warehouses, garages, and other places, automatic ventilation exhaust fan and other electrical appliances (incandescent, fluorescent, buzzer. Can also be used for security purposes.

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HC-SR501 A Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Detector

  • Operating Voltage Range             DC 4.5-20V
  • Level Output                                 High 3.3V, Low 0V
  • Quiescent Current                        <50UA
  • Operation Temp                           -15-+70 degrees
  • Lens size sensor                         Diameter:23mm(Default)
  • Static power consumption           65 microamps
  • Delay time                                   Adjustable (0.3 seconds to 10 minutes)
  • Blocking time                              0.2 seconds
  • Board Size                                  32mm x 24mm
  • Weight                                        10g

Automatic sensor: to enter the sensor output range is high, people leave the sensor range of the automatic delay off high, output low.

The photosensitive control (optional, factory is not set) may set the photosensitive control during the day or light intensity without induction.

The temperature compensation (optional, the factory is not set): In the summer when the ambient temperature rises to 30 ~ 32, a slightly shorter detection range, temperature compensation can be used as a performance compensation.

Two trigger mode: Can not repeat the trigger: the sensor output high, the delay time is over, the output will automatically become low from high; Repeatable trigger: the sensor output high after the delay period, if the human body in its sensing range activities, its output will remain high until after the delay will be left high to low (sensor module review measured activities of each body will be automatically extended after a delay time and the final event of the delay time Starting point of time).

With induction blocking time (the default setting: 2.5S block time): sensor module, after each sensor output (high change Into a low level), you can set up a blockade followed by time period, in this time period the sensor does not accept any sensor signal. This feature can have a “sensor output time” and “blocking time” the interval between the work produced can be applied to detect the interval Products; also inhibit this function during load switching for a variety of interference. (This time can be set at zero seconds – Tens of seconds).

The working voltage range: the default voltage DC4.5V-20V. Micro-power consumption: static current “50 microamps, especially for battery-powered automatic control products. The output high-level signals: types of circuits can be easily and docking.


Note: HC-SR501 A Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Detector:

The potentiometer clockwise to adjust the distance, sensing range increases (about 7 meters), on the contrary, sensing range decreases (about 3 meters). Delay adjustment potentiometer clockwise rotation, sensor delay longer (about 300S), the other hand, induction by the short delay (about 5S).

Development  Resources: demo codes, schematics, datasheets, etc

What is an IR sensor used for?

Infrared sensors are used to sense characteristics in their surroundings by emitting and/or detecting infrared radiation and are capable of measuring the heat being emitted by an object and detecting motion.

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