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LM393 Voltage Comparator Module

The LM393 is a dual independent accuracy voltage integrated circuit operated with single or else split supply. These ICs comprises two independent voltage comparators to operate from an only power supply more than a wide variety of voltages


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LM393 Voltage Comparator Module Adjustable Precision Signal Waveform Shaping High-Level Dual Output Led Indication

By adjusting the reference voltage adjustment potentiometer to generate the reference voltage, Sensor and pressure resistance of the voltage compared with a reference voltage, high and low levels of comparison results output.

Threshold voltage valid range 0 – (supply voltage minus 1V). For example, a 5V power supply, the reference threshold voltage effective value is 0-4V, can achieve comparison output. If the threshold voltage is greater than 4V with a 5V supply, the output will remain low for a period equal to no output

  • Power supply voltage: DC 4.5-28V
  • Board size:45*17mm
  • Packaging weight: 4g
Package Included:

1 x LM393 Voltage Comparator Module,

Development  Resources: demo codes, schematics, datasheets, etc.

Hackaday:  LM393 Voltage Comparator Module


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LM393 Voltage Comparator Module

SKU: OKY3468 Categories: ,


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