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Metal Detector Kit Non-contact Sensor

Metal Detector Kit Electronic Kit is a high performance metal detector designed for security,Metal detection in human body. DC 3V-5V 60mm Non-contact Sensor Board


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Metal Detector Kit Non-contact Sensor, is a high performance designed for security.


  • Alarm mode Sound/Light


  • Operating voltage DC 3-5V
  • Operating current ≤ 40mA
  • Standby current ≤ 5mA
  • Detection depth ≤ 60mm
  • Detection and alarm mode Sound and Light
  • Difficulty of welding machine Easy
  • Circuit board size 86*61mm

Tools Needed: 

  • Electric soldering iron
  • Multi meter
  • Solder wire
  • Soldering iron holder
  • Diagonal cutting pliers Screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • Sharp-nose pliers
  • Solder sucker
  • Sponge
  • Screwdriver kit

Component list:

  • 470R x 1
  • 2K x 1
  • 200K x 1
  • 100R x 1
  • 222P x 2
  • 104P x 2
  • 100UF x 1
  • 5mm Red x 1
  • S9012 x 2
  • S9018 x 1
  • SW x 1
  • Buzzer x 1
  • PCB x MDS-60 1
Development  Resources: demo codes, schematic, datasheets, etc

DIY : Assembly

Fun weekend project – We built a Metal Detector

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Metal Detector Kit Non-contact Sensor

SKU: OKYN12261 Categories: ,


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Product Applications

1. Game entertainment
2. Security check
3. Search for metal products
5. Car detection
5. Traffic Statistics
6. Elevator floor control
7. Production equipment position detection
8. Production equipment development and design
9. Electronic Product Design
10. Play equipment development
11. Metal proximity switch
12. Metal detection in human body

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