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Nylon Spacers Untapped

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PCB standoffs, tapped and untapped spacers made from nylon and metal. Ideal for elevating PCBs from the chassis.

Available in 7mm,12mm


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Nylon Spacers Untapped

  • Available in 7mm,12mm
  • A -Outer Diameter:5.0MM
  • B – Inner Diameter: 3.2MM
In general,

A spacer is a solid material used to separate two parts in an assembly. Spacers can vary in size from microns to centimetres. They can be made of metal, plastic, glass, and other materials. Shapes include flat sheet, cylindrical and spherical.

Two sizes of metal standoffs and one plastic standoff. The background depicts a standoff in use, holding a circuit board above a metal case.
A standoff is a threaded separator of defined length used to raise one part in an assembly above another.

They are usually round or hex (for wrench tightening), often made of aluminium, brass, or nylon, and come in male-female or female-female forms. In electronics, they are frequently used to raise a printed circuit board above a surface.

Insulating standoffs keep two parts from touching each other, thereby preventing electrical shorts. When used to fasten cable connectors (e.g., “D” connectors) together, they are called jackscrews.

Both Spacers and Standoffs come in Round and Hex shapes with male and female threads. Knurling on the outside surface can also be done to provide a sturdier grip.

In contrast, some spacers may look similar to standoffs but are unthreaded pieces of tubing that let the entire bolt pass through. Since they cannot be tightened, they are usually round.

Audiovisual equipment (e.g., AV amplifiers) can utilise extra space above or below their mounting in order to achieve extra cooling in the way of better airflow. AV spacers are made for this purpose.

Development Resources: demo codes, schematics, datasheets, etc


1. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools.
2. The picture may not reflect the actual colour of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 cm

12mm 10 pack, 12mm 50 pack, 7mm 10 pack, 7mm 50 pack

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