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USB MOD2 is in a 32-pin Dual In-Line Package. This allows the module to fit into a standard 32-pin 600mil IC Socket which makes the module ideal for prototyping and development work


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The USB MOD2 is a low-cost integrated module for transferring data to/from a peripheral and a host P.C at up to 8 Million bit (1 Megabyte) per second.

Based on the FTDI FT8U245 USB FIFO – Fast Parallel Data Transfer IC, its simple FIFO-like design makes it easy to interface to a CPU (MCU) either by mapping it into the memory. I/O map of the

PCU, using DMA or controlling the device via IO ports.
The USB MOD2 is ideal for rapid prototyping and development by offering a complete plug and play solution.

Module Features
  • Single module High-Speed USB FIFO solution
  • Based on FTDI FT8U245 USB FIFO – Fast Parallel Data Transfer IC
  • Integrated Type-B USB Connector
  • On-board 6MHz Crystal
  • Provision for external EEPROM for USB enumeration data
  • No external passive components required
  • Module powered from USB bus (up to 60mA from USB for user application)
  • 32-pin Dual In-Line Package (Ideal for prototyping)
  • It fits into a standard 32-pin 600mil IC Socket
  • Single-Chip Multi-Function DataTransfer Solution
  • Send / Receive Data over USB at up to 1 Mb / sec
  • 384 byte receive buffer / 128 byte transmit buffer for high data throughput
  • Simple interface to CPU or MCU bus
  • No in-depth knowledge of USB required as all USB Protocol is handled automatically within the I.C.
  • FTDI’s Virtual COM port drivers eliminate the need for USB driver development in most cases
  • Compact 32 pin (7mm x 7mm) MQFP package
  • Integrated 6Mhz – 48Mhz Clock Multiplier aids emissions compliance
  • Integrated 3.3v Regulator – No External Regulator Required
Absolute Maximum Ratings
  • Storage Temperature : -65°C to + 150°C
  • Ambient Temperature ( Power Applied ): 0°C to + 70°C
  • VCC Supply Voltage : -0.5v to +6.00v
  • DC Input Voltage
  • Inputs: -0.5v to VCC + 0.5v
  • High Impedance Bidirectionals : -0.5v to VCC + 0.5vDC Output Current – Outputs : 24mA
  • DC Output Current – Low Impedance Bidirectionals: 24mA
  • Power Dissipation : 500mW


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SKU: PRO-USBMOD2 Category:


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