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The USB I/O 24 DIP R is the ROHS Compliant version of our previous USB I/O 24 DIP of which differences will be outlined in a section below. The module retains the 50 pin Dual Inline Package (DIP) and fits into a standard 50 pin 900mil wide IC Socket. This makes the USB I/O 24 DIP R ideal for rapid prototyping and development work


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The module features 24 5V level signal lines individually programmable as input or output. As the module connects to the USB port, multiple modules can be connected to a single PC by the use of a USB hub or hubs. Each module features a serial number and the PC can identify each module uniquely thereby allowing multiple modules to be connected for a single application. The outputs of the module are able to source or sink up to 30mA per I/O, up to a maximum 50mA per port, to allow for direct connection to a variety of devices.


  • 24 independently programmable Input / Output Pins Grouped into 3 ports.
  • Single module High-Speed Digital Input / Output solution.
  • Integrated Type-B USB Connector.
  • On-board unique serial number and custom programmable FLASH microcontroller.
  • Both USB Enumeration information and Microcontroller can be re-programmed to suit customer needs.
  • Module powered by the USB from the PC or by an external power supply.
  • 50-pin Dual In-Line Package Ideal for prototyping.
  • Fits into a standard 50-pin 900mil IC Socket. (Supplied with module)
  • Virtual COM Port driver allows access as a regular serial port.
  • Optional DLL based driver available.
  • Easy to program using popular development languages C, C++, C#, VB, etc.
  • Simple command set for easy control of ports and data transfer.


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Product Applications

  • Home or Industrial Automation
  • Digital Input and Output from any computer via USB
  • Remote Data Acquisition and/or Alarm Monitoring
  • PC Controlled Machines and Distributed Machine I/O
  • Remote Lighting / Power control and/or monitoring

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