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USBMOD245R offers a complete plug and play solution for implementing the FT245R into both new and existing designs, ideal for rapid
prototyping and development.


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The USBMOD245R  is the latest RoHS compliant, low-cost integrated module for transferring data to/from a peripheral to a host PC via USB. The module is based on the FT245R USB to Parallel FIFO IC from FTDI. Its simple FIFOlike design makes it easy to interface to a CPU (MCU) either by mapping the device into the memory / I/O map of the CPU, using DMA or controlling the device via I/O ports.

The USBMOD245R offers a complete plug and play solution for implementing the FT245R into both new and existing designs, which makes the module ideal for rapid
prototyping and development.

  • Single module High-Speed USB Parallel FIFO solution that is based on the FTDI FT245R USB IC
  • Integrated Type-B USB Connector
  • RoHS Compliant
  • No external passive components required
  • The module can be configured for both External and Bus-powered operation.
  • Onboard power switching circuit for high bus-powered applications
  • 24-pin Dual In-Line Package (Ideal for prototyping)
BUS POWERED OPERATION with Power switching.

The USBMOD245R can be easily configured for bus-powered operation with power

  • Place LK5with 0R0
  • Set the Pull-down on suspend option in the internal EEPROM
  • Connect the PEN pin to the CM pin
  • Make sure that the external logic that is being switched has its own reset circuitry so that it will automatically reset when coming out of suspending mode.

To self-power the USBMOD245R, the process is as follows:

  • Remove LK1 keep the 0R0, and move it to LK2.
  • Place LK2 with the 0R0 taken from LK1.
  • Place R1 (4k7 0805) and R2 (10K 0805)
  • Connect VCC to an external 5V supply.



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SKU: PRO-USB245R1-0 Category:


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