USBMOD 3 (U.S.A) May 5, 2004

USB to TTL Transceiver Control!

Here’s another Interface for software control of your Radio. The difference with this one is that it connects to a USB port! Not only that it’s so easy you might not think it will work properly. I have it connected to my ICOM IC-756 PRO II on a prototyping board with jumpers hanging out and it works fine even when transmitting! I tested it with Logger32, Logger ver 8.07, Zakanaka, MMTTY, MMSSTV, Hamscope, and Commander


USBMOD3 Projects

Realization of an interface for coders of telescope to standard USB

A telescope is suitable for be equipped coders with position, whose role is to make known with the user the position in the sky on which the telescope points. From this information, it is possible to visualize this position on a sky chart in a program of planetarium.