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Infrared Remote Control 21 buttons

Infrared Remote Control 21 buttons

This cheap infrared controller you can easily make remote control projects such as the Arduino IR Remote receiver thanks to the open – hardware community.



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IR infrared remote control 21 buttons

Mini ultra-thin remote control has 21 function keys, suitable for controlling indoor devices of all kinds


  • Size: 86 x 40 x 6.0mm
  • CR2025
  • Distance: > 8m
  • infrared wavelength: 940 Nm
  • Crystal: oscillation frequency 455 KHz
  • IR carrier frequency: 38 KHz


1. The infrared 21 key music controller adopts advanced micro control unit to control all kinds of lamps that use LED as light source, such as LED light stripe, LED module, LED lamp box, luminous character, etc.
2. It has the advantages of convenient connection, simple use and so on.
3. With the function of memory storage, the effect of static brightness adjustment, static color selection and other lighting changes can be carried out by infrared remote control.
4. There are four other modes of music that choose different music patterns according to different music, which can change the light effect with the rhythm of the surrounding sound


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Infrared Remote Control 21 buttons

SKU: OKY0263 Categories: ,


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Product Applications

IR infrared remote control 21 Keys

Application scenarios: urban lighting, holiday atmosphere, KTV, gym, car lights, etc.

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