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Static Shielding Bag-with Zip, metal-in

The metal-in static shielding bag/film, also referred to as a ‘Faraday Cage’, protect against static charge both inside and outside


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Static Shielding Bag-with Zip are designed to protect ESD sensitive components and assemblies from all harmful aspects of static electricity. Their Faraday cage design ensures ESD safety.

Features and Benefits

Available as heat sealable or zip lock. The zip lock offers convenient, easy closure thereby guaranteeing Electrostatic discharge protection,
3-layer, buried ‘metal’ design offers dissipative outer, anti-static inner and buried metal for complete safety
ZIP Lock bag illustrated.

How do ESD bags work?

Static shielding bags are containers specifically designed to protect ESD-sensitive products from static electricity that may build up inside or outside the bag. The innermost layer of the bag is constructed from a static dissipative polyethylene surrounded by a layer of aluminium shielding a material.

Therefore allows you to safely touch ESD-sensitive products without the danger of static damage occurring. The intermediary layer is an aluminium sheet which offers additional protection against both static and physical damage.

Finally, the outermost section of the bag is a polyester covering that helps dissipate external static charges.

What is ESD?

For instance An acronym for Electrostatic discharge, ESD is a damaging and potentially dangerous discharge of electricity which can damage sensitive equipment.

Devices such as semiconductors and microchips, circuit boards, anything which uses or operates by electricity can technically be damaged.

Technical data
  • Series: BT-SB1000
  • Material: VMPET/PE
  • Thickness:3mils +/-5%
  • Two side seal, seal with 8mm, with zip lock.
  • No printing
  • Surface resistance: <10^11 Ω


Antistatic bag

Btree ESD Bag

Static Shielding Bag-with Zip, metal-in


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