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Bracket Holder for Raspberry Pi Camera Module

The Camera Mount is a small no-frills mount ideal for desktop of light tripod use. It also avoids you having Sugru or Blu-tak on your precious camera board


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This Bracket Holder for Raspberry Pi Camera Module comes in a handy accessory for the Raspberry Pi Camere module.

There are a few small screws attach to the Pi Camera solidly and the design allows for multiple positions. There’s also a 1/4″ hole that you can use to attach the camera to a standard camera tripod mount.


This bracket holder works with the Pi Camera version 1 (5 MegaPixel) both plain & NoIR versions.

It comes with a three-piece plastic/acrylic bracket and 4 mini screws + 4 hex nuts. The Pi Camera and Tripod are not included. 1/4″-20 hex nut (for tripod mounting) is not included too.

Note: This bracket holder is NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 8MP Camera Module V2.

Of course, you can also mount the bracket to the camera tripod 🙂 Just get a compatible nut. The Camera base screw size, imperial 1/4-20. And you can place the Raspberry Pi camera at any position with more angle: 1/4″-20

Note: Raspberry Pi Camera is not included.

  • Adjustable Pi Camera Mount
  • Made from 100% acrylic material. Please push or pull on the mount gently
  • Easy installation to your raspberry pi camera module
  • It is NOT compatible with the night vision cameras because the camera requires additional lighting on both sides
  • Four Screws to secure your camera
  • Made from lush matte black acrylic
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Material: Plastic
Packing List:
  • 3 x Plastic bracket raspberry pi camera module mount
  • 4 x plastic mini screw
  • 4 x plastic hex nut
Development  Resources: demo codes, schematics, datasheets, etc

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Bracket Holder for Raspberry Pi Camera Module

SKU: TS-E008 Categories: , , ,


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