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CH340C Micro USB to TTL Serial Port ISP Download For STM32 51

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USB to TTL downloader can be used as a serial communication, a single-chip downloader, The Downloader has a USB interface, which can easily extend the Download line

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CH340C Micro USB to TTL TTL Serial Port ISP Download For STM32 51 is a tiny USB to TTL serial module with a Micro USB interface compatible with an Android data cable.

The module width and Android data cable plug width, directly inserted in the data line Micro USB plug, are very small and convenient. Compared to the use of an  A-type USB male connector directly plugged into the PC on the USB to TTL module, this module connects the development board and other serial devices more convenient


  • Chip: CH340C
  • Operating voltage: 5V or 3.3V
  • Data bits: 5bit, 6Bit, 7bit, 8bit
  • Stop bits: 1,2
  • Verification: odd, even, no, Mark, Space
  • Transmission rate: 50 ~ 2MHz
  • Current limiting fuse: 500ma
  • Operating system: Windows XP, win7,8,10
  • Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
  • Size: 10.4mmx28.5mm

Driver IC Function:

CH340 is a USB bus adapter chip to achieve USB to serial or print port.
CH340 built-in independent transceiver buffer supports simplex, half duplex or full duplex asynchronous serial communication. The serial data includes one low-level start bit, 5, 6, 7 or 8 data bits, and one or two high-level stop bits, and supports odd parity / even parity/flag check / blank Test.
CH340 support common communication baud rate: 50,75,100,110,134.5,150,300,600,900,1200,1800,2400,3600,4800,9600,14400,19200,28800,33600,38400,56000, Lt; / RTI & gt; and & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt


Development board power supply


CH340 chip supports 5V supply voltage or 3.3V supply voltage. When using 5V operating voltage, the CH340 chip VCC pin inputs a 5V power supply, and the V3 pin should be an external capacity of 0.1uF power decoupling capacitor.

When using a 3.3V operating voltage, the CH340 chip V3 pin should be connected to the VCC pin. In contrast, the external input 3.3V power supply and the CH340 chip connected to other circuits can not exceed the operating voltage of 3.3V.

Module defaults to 5V operating voltage, the chip voltage from the USB interface, if you want to change to 3.3V operating voltage, you need to back the module 5V, 3.3V working voltage selection point to switch to the middle point, and another point shorted. At this point need to VCC feet to the module input 3.3V power supply, and the module can work.


Package Included: 1 x CH340C Micro USB to TTL, 4 Way Dupont cables and Header pins 

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