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GY-346 ADXL346 High Precision sensor module

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The ADXL346 is very suitable for mobile application products and it measures the acceleration of gravity in tilt sensor applications. Static and dynamic accelerated motion  or  vibration acceleration caused by the use of its high resolution (4 mg/LSB) can measure the tilt angle change is less than 1-degree system clock.

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GY-346 ADXL346 High Precision sensor module is a small, thin, low power consumption, three-axis accelerometer (13 bit) measurement with a high resolution of up to ±16 g.

Digital output data format for a 16-bit binary, and can be through an SPI (3 – or 4 lines) or the I2C digital interface. 

Provide some special induction functions. Such as remote sensing detection of activity and inactivity compares the presence or lack of movement of the acceleration of any of the axial acceleration and g values set by the user. Click the sensor detection in single, double click on any direction. Freefall sensor detection, if the equipment is falling down.

GY-346 ADXL346 High Precision sensor module built-in directional detection ability of concurrent, six-position detection and available to the user-selected notices of the interrupt controller. These functions can be separately mapped to the following two kinds of interrupt output pin.

An integrated is applying for patent of the memory management system, 32 magnitude first-in, first-out (FIFO) buffers, can be used to store data, as far as possible to reduce the activity of host processor, reduce the power consumption of the whole system. Low power mode to make intelligent sports power management and threshold detection and active acceleration measurement in very low power consumption.

Product specification:
  • # of Axes—3
  • Range—+-2 4 8 G16
  • Sensitivity—up to 256 LSB g
  • Output Type—Digital
  • Typical Bandwidth (kHz)—1.6kHz
  • Supply Current —145μA

Product features:

  • Ultralow power: as low as 23 μA
  • Single tap double-tap detection
  • Activity inactivity monitoring
  • Flexible interrupt modes mappable to either interrupt pin

Package Included:

1 x GY-346 ADXL346 High Precision sensor module

Development  Resources: demo codes, schematics, datasheets, etc

Reference for Arduino and reference to all matters

Ardunio from Wikipedia


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