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PC817 2 Channel Optocoupler Module

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PC817 2-Channel Optocoupler Isolation Board. Onboard with 2-Channel 817 are independent, so can achieve different voltage control at the same.

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PC817 2 Channel Optocoupler Module are used when encountering the need for isolation control and voltage conversion in actual work.
It can realize 3.3V or 5V control 3.6—24V voltage level interface.

After the control terminal is turned on, you will also turn on the controlling terminal.
The optoelectronic isolation has a strong anti-interference ability.

It can drive high-power transistors, MOS tubes, and other occasions requiring high-voltage drive at its back and directly drive low-power 24V relays.
If it is a pulse signal, please note that the limit of 817 is below 4KHz. Please do not use this module for control signals greater than 4KHz; it will not work correctly.

  • I/O isolation for MCUs (Micro Controller Units)
  • Noise Suppression in Switching Circuits
  • Signal Transmission Between Circuits of Different Potentials and Impedances


  • Driving Port Signal Voltage: 3.6-24V
  • Output Port Voltage Port: 3.6-30V
  • Product Size: 37 X 30 X 10mm

Output Voltage Range: 3.6-30V (The output current depends on the specific situation, but the maximum should not exceed 10mA. The total power is certain, and the voltage and current are inversely proportional)
The jumper cap can realize whether the output terminal is high potential output or low potential output.
The 2 817 channels on the board are independent, which can realize simultaneous control of different voltages.

Package Includes:

1 x PC817 2-Channels Optocoupler Isolation Module

Development  Resources: demo codes, schematics, datasheets, etc

Reference for Arduino and reference

PC817 Adapter Module Optocoupler with Arduino

Mains Opto Isolator (SAFE ✅ Workshop Automation) Video Link


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